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Our development team created marketing automation tools for 100’s of Independent Grocery Stores across the US. We developed the app that grocery stores use to log their beef grinds for the USDA FSIS helping America stay safe. Every day we help independent store owners compete with the large chains in their cities. You will love how easy this is, and how much it will help your grocery store.

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Do It Yourself and Full-Service Marketing

Pre-Built Customizable Grocery Store Websites

Browse through our selection of pre-built grocery store websites and choose the one that is perfect for your store. Everything can be customized. Add your business details in our easy live editor or we will take care of it for you.


Live Page Editor

Edit your website content right from the front end of the website itself. It is super easy. The live editor gives you options on the left panel or just click on the text you want to edit and start typing. Not hands on? Don’t worry. We are! We will take care of every last detail for you!

Simple SEO

Get found on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You need to be on the first page. They say that the best place to hide anything is on the second page of Google. Nobody ever looks there! Easy Search Engine Optimization tools are built right in to your website. We can help you reach first page.

Need an App?

We have great news! Your website TURNS INTO an app customers can save on their phone! No need to use the App Store or Google Play. You’re going to love this feature! Need a regular app designed? Let us know what you need and we can take care of it for you.

Email Marketing

An email marketing program is built right in to your website. Get subscribers on your website, social media, in store, or using QR Codes. We will help you get subscribers so you can keep them informed and keep them coming back to buy from your business.

SMS Text Marketing App

Reach your customers and clients right where they are. Everything you need to message your subscribers list with information, events, specials, coupons, etc. Get subscribers from Facebook, on your website, via QR Code, using Keywords, etc.

Social Media Marketing

When you add posts to your website in the updates section they automatically get added to your Social Media pages. We also offer Social Media Management. We will post daily industry posts for you and setup automations and bots so your customers can get the answers they need.

The Grocery Bot

Your website can turn into an online shopping store so your customers can order right from your website. You can manage your online store, add products, inventory and review purchases. We can help you with this every step of the way. Let’s make it easy for your customers to buy from you.

Digital Circular Pro

Do you need a fresh new logo, business cards, signs, banners, flyers, or print materials? We have you covered. We can design or redesign any online graphics or graphics for print materials. We can provide you with vector art as well so you can size it as big as you want.